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Sea Shepherd is the world's leading direct-action ocean conservation organisation.
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News & Commentary

For Sea Shepherd, Galapagos has always been humanity’s line in the sand. Photo: Sea Shepherd/Tim Watters
October 06, 2015

Sea Shepherd Holds Specialized Course on Environmental Law for Ecuadorian Judiciary

After extensive preparation and in cooperation with the National Judicial Authority of Ecuador and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Sea Shepherd Galapagos organized its first-ever capacity-building course on the…
Sea Shepherd crews on patrol, defending the pilot whales of the Faroe Islands. Photo: Iraultza Darias
October 05, 2015

Sea Shepherd Concludes Grueling Faroe Islands Pilot Whale Defense Campaign

Vows To Continue Pressure To End The Slaughter The Dutch-registered Sea Shepherd ships Sam Simon and Bob Barker have arrived in the port of Bremen, Germany, marking the official conclusion of Sea Shepherd’s sixth Faroe Islands Pilot Whale Defense Campaign,…
Not a single seal died in fishnets during the campaign. Photo: Sea Shepherd
Oct 03, 2015

Operation Saimaa Seal Success

Report by Operation Saimaa Seal campaign leader, Henri Kuittinen Operation Saimaa Seal was set up to protect the world's most endangered seal and one of the most endangered…
The pilot whale carcass as found with pieces removed from the belly and rope tied around its tail and neck. Photo: Iraultza Darias
Sep 29, 2015

Sea Shepherd Exposes Cover-Up Behind Gruesome Death Of A Pilot Whale

Last week, while patrolling the waters of the Faroe Islands, the crew of the Sea Shepherd ship, Sam Simon, discovered the carcass of a pilot whale floating in the waters just…
A small boat from the Sea Shepherd ships escorts a pod of white-sided dolphins away from the Faroe Islands killing beaches.
Sep 24, 2015

Sea Shepherd Successfully Leads Hundreds of Dolphins and Pilot Whales Away From the Killing Beaches

Over the past three months, the Sea Shepherd ships Brigitte Bardot, Sam Simon, and more recently the Bob Barker, in collaboration with the Sea Shepherd land crew, have…
The Sam Simon’s small boat has been seized in the Shetland Islands. Photo: Sea Shepherd
Sep 02, 2015

Denmark Orders Seizure Of Sam Simon Small Boat As Faroese Consultant Challenges Grind Law

Yesterday, authorities in the Shetland Islands, Scotland, seized a small boat of the Sea Shepherd ship, Sam Simon. The seizure was enacted at the request of Denmark, in response…

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